Meaning of Unnatural Events Happening in Your Home

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Planes impact on every person and events. This impact would be good or bad. We can know the impact of planets by checking the events. We can avoid or get rid of many problems.

Meaning of Unnatural Events Happening in Your Home

Moistness: If you get sudden moistness in the home then there would be impact of Shani. In this case, family members might face health issues. There might be possibilities of litigation or debt. You can arrange proper sunlight in the home. Keep good relations with woman. Light lamp at worship place every morning-evening.

Ant: It is not bad sign if there are ants in sweet food in the home. But if ants come in every food then it indicates that your Mars is weak. There might be difference in the family. There might be conflicts between brothers. In this case, you can put flour wherever you see the ants. Chant Sundarkand on every Tuesday. Offer sweet products to lord Hanuman.

Broken Utensils: If utensils break often then your Moon is weak. Women face health issue. Children and their education problem increases. In this case, you should properly arrange white light in the home. Do not keep darkness in any corner. Do not waste water in the home. Offer water to the Moon every Shukal Paksh night.

Electronics: If electronics items get disturbs then your Rahu is not favorable. Negative incidents occur suddenly. There might be loss of money in the home. Many times one feels threat in the home. In this case, donate mix pulses on Saturday. Remove broken stuff from the home. light lamp under basil plant.

Remedy: Keep rice in gold or zinc bottle in cupboard on full moon day. You will get money and extravagance decreases.

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