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In horoscope, fourth, seventh and tenth house decides person’s fame and prestige. Sometime, twelfth house can be seen for appellation-fame. Moon and Venus is considered as planet of fame. 

In palmistry, Sun is the planet of fame. Rahu, Ketu and weak Moon creates problem in fame. Sometime, one gets defamation due to wrong fellowship.

One can protect from himself from defamation by offering vermillion, to lord Hanuman on every Thursday. Chant Shiva Tandav strot every morning. 

Wear copper Sun in red color thread on Sunday. You can wear this on throat. Donate rice, lentils, flour and vegetables on every new moon day. Keep your head east side while sleeping.

You should see your palm after waking up in the morning. After that, touch the feet of your parents and older people. Offer water to the Sun every morning. 

Chant “Om Bhaskaraye Namah” for 108 times. You can also do red sandalwood tilak on throat.

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