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mistakes of life
Everything written in iconography is researched. There are several and deep reasons of repentance. We do mistakes and utter lie to people. But we cannot lie our own. After every mistake our soul feel depress. It is the natural thinking.

This thinking creates disorders in our mind. These disorders create many diseases in our body. Those who mistakes repeatedly they face many disorders.

The voice from soul never leaves you. Dishonest person can hide his guilt for long time. Sun, Moon and Jupiter weakens by mistake. Those who does mistake repeatedly they face many physical problems after the age of 48. This happens due to Rahu.

Memory power decreases if you do more mistake. Your self-confidence decreases due to weak Sun. In addition, Moon and Jupiter also become weak. The combination of body and soul weakens the Jupiter. It is called as Pranvayu.

Those who do mistake they face backache, joint pain, leg pain, gas, headache, ear pain, lungs problem, kidney problem, increase uric acid, liver problem, decrease memory power and skin problem.

Sun, Moon and Jupiter are factor for body, mind and Pranvayu. Hormone level increases when you regret. A person can get rid from mental disorders when this hormone level increases. Your memory power increases. Sun, Moon and Jupiter become strong.

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