Check out Which Planets Makes Your Character Shine

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Character is defined by people and society. Venus and Moon are directly relates with character. It set your character. However, the actual character is set by Jupiter. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, weak Moon or Mercury creates problem of character. Venus plays an important role to make your character or hussy.

When Venus is weak in horoscope or affected by bad planets or retrograde then your character level decreases. Character level decreases when there is combination of Rahu with Venus or Mercury. When Moon is weak then character becomes weak. A person’s character decreases when Mercury is in Moon sign. When bad planets are in eighth or twelfth house then person character level decreases.

A person’s character becomes strong when Jupiter impacts on Lagan or the owner of Lagan. When Jupiter is in high sign or in triangle then person’s character would become strong. When Saturn is in center or in triangle or any auspicious planets are in center then person’s character become strong. When auspicious planets are in sixth, eighth and twelfth place then person’s character becomes strong.

A person becomes victim of defamation when there is combination of Rahu with Sun or Moon or Jupiter. A person gets defamation when there is combination of Moon with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu. When the owner of lagan is weak then person get defamation. People get defamation when Sun is weak in horoscope or with Venus or Saturn.

It is beneficial to strengthen Jupiter. In this case, you should offer water to the Sun. Chant Gayatri mantra 108 times. Keep fast on Ekadashi. Keep your head on south side while sleeping. Children should chant Hanuman Chalisa since childhood. Do not give fast food, spicy-oily and non-veg food to children. Prevent them from using beauty products.

Remedy: Students should avoid strong fragrance. Child becomes playful. You have to avoid using rose fragrance. You should use sandal fragrance.

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