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Gold is the valuable metal found on the earth. It denotes prosperity and wealth. In astrology, it related with many planets. It is mainly relates with Jupiter. It creates energy-heat and removes poison. Gold gives you prosperity it if suits you. But collapse you if it doesn’t suit you. Do not wear gold for hobby. You must wear gold when it is necessary.

You can wear gold in right hand’s little finger if you have cold-fever and asthma problem. You can wear gold if you have fame and political problem. If you feel concentration problem then you can wear gold in index finger. You can wear gold locket in throat if you’re facing problem in marital life. Those have children problem they can wear gold in left hand’s ring finger.

Those who have digestion or stomach problem they should avoid wearing gold. People who are angry and who cannot control on their speech they should avoid wearing gold. You have to avoid wearing gold if Jupiter is weak in your horoscope. People who are doing business related to iron, coal and Saturn they should avoid wearing gold. Pregnant women and elder women should avoid wearing gold.

You have to wear gold in left hand when it is necessary. You must have to give gold gift those who are lovable. Do not wear gold bichia and anklet. Do not wear gold in waist. Children can wear ghungharu in red thread. Do not intake non-veg and alcohol with gold.

Usually people keep gold in locker and cupboard. Keep gold in red cloth or red paper. Keep gold in northeast or southwest side in the home. Do not keep gold under your head otherwise you may face sleep disorder. Do not keep artificial jewelry and iron with gold.

It is very beneficial for Aries, Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius lagan to wear gold. Scorpio and Pisces get medium benefit from gold. It is not beneficial for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius lagan to wear gold. Libra and Capricorn lagan should avoid wearing gold.

Remedy: Do not light bamboo incense stick in the home. It increases unfortunate in the home. You can use wooden incense stick.

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