Astro Upay to Stop Allegations on Your Characters

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Allegations on Your Characters
Mars relates with relations and emotions in life. While, Venus relates with physical relation and attraction. Properties of Venus increases when it relates with Mars. Mars-Venus increases the emotions.

Sometimes, relations become too strong. Sometimes, there would be disorientation in relations. In this case, people get character flaw and deviate from relations.

On the above cases, you should take care of your food habits and conduct. You should regularly offer water to the Sun in the morning. After that, chant Gayatri psalm. Also, do fast on both the Ekadashi of the month.

People who has Mars-Venus combination in horoscope, they should avoid wearing diamond and coral. However, you can wear topaz or emerald.

Remedy: Keep colorful flowers bouquet in room. It increases happiness in your life.

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