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mars negative results
Mars-Sun: This relation gives extreme benefits in administration, politics and sports. It is possible only when Mars doesn’t set. Otherwise, there is no effect. If this combination becomes negative then person faces accident, surgery or ulcer. A person would be very angry. In this case, one should offer water, mixing rolli, to the Sun.

Mars-Moon: Usually, this combination is auspicious. It is also known as Lakshmi Yoga. It makes person rich and wealthy. He might be born on small place but rich to the heights. If this yoga is negative then one faces hormones and women related problem. In this case, you can pour sugarcane juice to lord Shiva on Monday.

Mars-Mercury: This relation is negative. One faces skin problems, mental disorders and epilepsy. Sometimes, skin diseases might become serious. If this relation gives positive results then person gets education in technical field. To avoid negative effects, one should offer basil leaf to lord Hanuman.

: This relation creates too much energy. One gets good knowledge of psalm and law. A person makes easily make progress. However, if it gives negative impact then person gets arrogance of his capability. He uses his power in wrong way. To avoid its negative effect, one can tie up yellow color Rakshasutra on wrist.

Mars-Venus: This relation gives positive and negative effects. This relation creates strong attraction. If this relation is positive then person would be attractive and loving nature. If this relation is negative then person would be immoral and erotic. To avoid negative effect, one should do fast on Monday. Also, use less onion, garlic and ginger.

Mars-Shani: This relation is known as explosion and fire power. A person has to face an accident, surgery or terror. However, if this relation is positive then person easily get success. But he dies suddenly. To avoid negative effect, one should do Aarti of Hanuman on Tuesday and Saturday.

Mars-Rahu: This combination is known as Angarak yoga. This yoga is negative. A person might face accident in air travel, electrical-electronics and in kitchen. To avoid negative effect, one should worship lord Kalbhairav on Tuesday.

Mars-Ketu: This combination is known as courageous. It makes person courageous and adventurous. This yoga is found in big warriors’ horoscope. If it gets support from Shani then person dies in war. On this yoga, one should wear Hanuman Chalisa tie up in copper.

Remedy: Triangle or any other shape of coral gives equal benefits. However, you can wear it in copper to get more benefits.

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