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Sun is the main planet for life and fosterage of this world. Sun gives life on the planet. Our father is also heart of our life and soul. Based on this, it is believed that father has relation with Sun. 

In astrology, the condition of Sun denotes the father’s condition. We can also understand the situation of Sun based on father’s condition.

If one don’t give respect to his father then auspicious power of Sun decreases. Your fame and respect also decreases. You might get defamation. 

You might face bone problems. One also faces shortage of vitamin D. There won’t be good relations with high officials. One might face problems in employment.

Sun strengthens if we behave properly with father. One won’t face problems in fame. Their fame and respect will increase. 

One gets good health. One doesn’t faces serious diseases. One gets success in administration and politics.

You should bow your father’s feet morning-evening. Always provide food, clothes and medicines to your father. Stay with your father if it is possible. 

You can keep your room besides his room. You can take copper or gold ring from your father.

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