Having Habit of Saying Bad For everything? - Read This Astro Upay

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One gets habit of saying bad for everything. They criticize in everything. 

This happens due to weak Moon. It also happens due to weak Rahu and Ketu. Shani creates more problems. 

Jealousy impacts on planets. This problem relates with stomach and mind.

People face problems. They face health issues. They do not get mental peace. 

The blood circulation decreases. Their memory power decreases. 

Their nature becomes angry. Their hand trembles. Human face many problems at the age of 45.

One should start reading Geeta. Go to the shelter of the idol or the elderly or the good people. 

One should do satsung with this people. 

Cover throat with silver chain. Chant “Om Shabad” or “Aem Hrim Klim Namas Chandikay”. 

This improves Moon, Rahu and Ketu.

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