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Mind impacts on human’s life. Mind affected by seven circles of body. In world, there are three things, which directly impacts on circles. Words mean psalm, color and fragrance. One can use different fragrance based on mind’s condition. We can overcome mental disorders.

How Using Different fragrance You Change Your Luck

Different fragrance
Fragrance relates with Mercury. Therefore, one can get rid of every problem of Mercury. Mind becomes calm and sharp due to fragrance. Concentration can be increased with fragrance. We can overcome nervous system and depression with the use of fragrance. Fragrance also gives special impact on reasoning ability. Therefore, it is widely use in worship.

One should use natural and flowers fragrance. One should use fragrance on study table, work place and worship place. Fragrance gives good results if it is light. One should apply fragrance on wrist, behind the neck and naval. We can also put fragrance in bathing water.

Students and unmarried people can use sandalwood fragrance. One can use incense stick or fragrance before starting work. Start doing the work once this fog has finished. Use sandalwood or google fragrance at worship place or office.

Use Mora or rose fragrance in bed room or bath room. You can also apply fragrance on navel before going for bed. It gives mental peace. Mercury can be strengthening by using light fragrance. It also gives peace to mind. However, avoid using dark fragrance. One should use loban in home. It removes negative energy from the home.

Mora: Its fragrance strengthens Venus. One gets money, property and prosperity. You can keep this flower in white handkerchief. Use Mora fragrance whenever you go for financial related work.

Jasmine: Bela and Jasmine have same fragrance. Its aroma is strong. It relates with Venus. The aroma increases the physical attraction. Student should avoid using jasmine fragrance.

Kevada: It is the species of fragrance flowers. It has two species; one is yellow and second is white. White is known as Kevada and yellow is known as Ketki. Its fragrance removes negative energy. One can also get rid of mull constellation problem.

Rose: It is very popular in the world. Its use of fragrance makes emotions supple. Rose fragrance gives success in love. You can offer rose fragrance to goddess Lakshmi. It is beneficial to get rid of financial problem.

Sandalwood: Its wood is aromatic. Its fragrance is considered as divine. Therefore, it is used to worship god. Concentration level increases due to use of sandalwood. Also, it increases confidence. Happiness can be increases in marital life by offering water and sandalwood fragrance on Shivaling. It is also beneficial for strong memory.

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