Are you Feeling Distress? Try this Astro Upay

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Sometime, one gets high anger. Many people face distress in the home. Children live in bad company. Children does wrong activities. Sometime, children does more mischief. 

How to get relief from Distress Home Problems? - Astro Upay

These changes happens due to change in Mars, Rahu and Shani. These problems can be overcome with the right measure.

Those who deteriorate they should do such remedy. Family members can also do remedies if that person cannot do. Pour two drops of milk in the root of banyan tree. Do this remedy continuously for 43 days. If negative person does this measure then he won’t do discord.

Discord occurs if there is angithi on terrace of the home. Discord occurs if one makes rotti on terrace of the home. The irregular clean water tank creates discord. There would be too much quarrel with family members. Keep guggle on cow’s gobar, jatamashi and camphor. Light it every morning and evening. Chant Argala strot. Bad people won’t come at your home.

Cover bad person throat with silver square through mother or woman same as mother or sister. If they are not ready to cover it then keep it under their headline. Take water in one kalash. Keep coconut and put it near headline. Daily keep this coconut in worship and chant Argala strot. Donate neem plant or plant it on Monday or Thursday. Keep 2-2 iron nail on front and back side door if the main gate of home in south side.

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