You Still Fail Even After doing Hard Work? - Astro Upay

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Threat affects your hard work. This creates suffocation in you. Threat reduces working capacity. Threat makes you ill. Those Sun and Moon is weak their decision would be weak. 

You Still Fail Even After doing Hard Work? - Astro Upay

hard work fail
One won’t be decisive if you’re frightened. They cannot work on time. One gets success if he works on time. Weak Sun and Moon does not allow time to work.

Weak Sun and Moon makes you unsuccessful. People whose Moon is affected by Ketu he talks too much. They find faults from others but he cannot do himself. Weak Moon disappears positivity from life. In this case, take seven circles of yarn and wear it through idol or mother in right hand’s wrist. Keep this thread under basil plant when it becomes impaired.

One will take decision on time when Moon is strong. One gets enthusiasm. If the front part of palm is thin and dipped then Moon is weak. Cover throat with the root of khirni in white thread on Shukal paksha’s Monday. Keep faith on favored god to avoid weaken Sun. Help poor and weak person. This strengthens the Sun.

Avoid having salt on Sunday. One should have courage for success. Take barley and soaked it in raw milk on Saturday. Flow this barley during sunrise or sunset. Cover your throat with square copper piece in red color thread on Sunday.

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