Remove All Your Sins on Papakusha Ekadashi

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The condition of Moon affects one’s mind. Therefore, one gets strong or weak mind. One can avoid every weak impact of Moon by doing fast on Ekadashi. This also reduces the effect of other planets. The fast of Ekadashi directly impacts on mind and body. This also avoids inauspicious rituals.

Remove All Your Sins on Papakusha Ekadashi

Every Ekadashi is important. However, papakusha Ekadashi gives benefit to others as well. On this Ekadashi, Padmnabh form of Vishnu is worship. This fast purifies the mind. It atone the sins. This also gives absolution to mother, father and friends generation.

Worship Padmnabh form of Shri Hari in morning and evening. Apply white sandalwood or gopi sandalwood tilak on forehead. Offer panchamrut, flowers and seasonal fruits. You can also keep fast for one time. Eat pious food during that time. Worship and do Aarti before having food in evening. It is beneficial to donate seasonal fruits and food.

It is extremely beneficial to keep fast. You can also eat pious food one time. Do not eat rice and heavy food. There is special importance of worshiping at night. Do not get anger. Speak little and control on your conduct.

Good Luck: Eat more food after sunrise. This reduces the stomach problem. Use fewer grains.

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