Know about the Planets Which Makes You Criminal

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The mood can be understood through Moon and Cancer sign. The Mars, Moon and water signs can be understand for crime. The level of crime and criminal though birth constellation and Scorpio sign. The sadness of Mars creates prison yoga. Therefore, Mars also play an important role in crime.

Know about the Planets Which Makes You Criminal

If the palm’s color is black then the nature of person would be criminal. The net on hand denotes crime. If there is a star on Mars Mountain then person would be criminal. Small and thick thumb makes person criminal.

A person does crime in Mars and Rahu dasha. A person does crime when Sade Sati is ending. The maximum crime happens on full moon day or new moon day. A person does crime when many lines go downward.

A person cannot make crime when Jupiter or Venus is strong or auspicious planets are in center or the palm color is pink. A person cannot make crime when there is valay of Jupiter or have long fingers or have good nails.

On the above cases, daily offer water to Sun in morning. Then chant Gayatri psalm for 27 times. Donate halva-puri to poor people on every Tuesday. Cover your throat with one silver tribhuj on Tuesday. Avoid non-veg and alcohol.

Good Luck: If you are getting defamation duet o Sun then chant “Om Aaditya Namah” on Sunday between 11 AM and 1 PM. This increases fame and prestige.

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