Importance of Colors in Human Life - Astro Upay

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There is special importance of color in life.

Importance of Colors in Human Life - Astro Upay

Colors in Human Life
Laziness: One should use red color if gets more laziness. This increases energy and health improves.

Disease: Use green color if you remain ill over and over. This avoids worry, reduces stress, and improves health and mind. The health improves by using more green color. It is also beneficial to heal wounds.

Auspicious: Use yellow color to increase auspiciousness in life. This avoids every problem. One starts mangal work in life.

Intelligence: Use blue color to enhance intelligence. This also increases knowledge.

Love: One can use pink color in love matters. This increases sweetness, love and softness in life.

One should use less black color. This reduces auspiciousness in life. One can use white color to increase concentration and to calm the mind.

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