Fathers Influence on Children's Life - Astrology Aspects

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Father plays an important role in children’ life. Sensation and will power builds personality. 

Fathers Influence on Children's Life - Astrology Aspects

Fathers Influence on Children
Sensation, which denotes mother, is indicator of Moon. Will power, which assesses the importance of father, is indicator of Sun.

If Sun is weak then it creates problem in child’s life. Father should spend good time with children. 

The father’s company with child strengthens his will power. The child’s Sun become strong due to company of father. 

Those child whose Sun is weak they get less position, father, prestige, wealth and love.

It is very important that father talk with their child. Creating threat in children’s mind is unsuccessful of father. 

Father should express his love towards children. The friendship of father with children improves child’s personality.

Father can keep sweets through child’s hand in pottery on Wednesday. Donate this pottery to poor once in a month. 

Children can take copper utensil and fill sweets in it. Donate this through father to leprosy people.

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