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Everyone wants good speech. In horoscope, second and eighth house relates with speech and financial condition. This means if your speech or financial condition is good then your financial condition or speech is also good.

One should avoid using bad words. This contaminated speech and increases the financial losses. Always take care of food habits. Therefore, avoid alcohol, telling lie, having unnecessary stuff and fast food. This active Rahu and affects speech and increase financial losses.

On the above cases, every morning eat two basil leaves after doing brush. Daily offer water to Sun in morning. Then chant Gayatri psalm for 108 times. You can also do tilak of yellow sandalwood or yellow turmeric. First, you have to do tilak to lord Krishna then apply it on your throat. This improves power of speech.

Do not cover your throat with garland, locket unless it is required. This weakens Jupiter and the effect of speech reduces.

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