Astrology Upay if Your Wife Remains ill

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Wife remains ill due to improper horoscope matching. It is not good to match one planet and constellation in horoscope matching. Many people think it is enough to match Mars, Rahu and Shani in horoscope. There is long process of horoscope matching. It is necessary to match every house with other house. Second, fourth, seventh and eighth house are important in men’s horoscope. The impact of cruel planets on these houses make wife ill.

The wife’s diseases are related with husband’s seventh and eighth house. Wife remains ill due to bad and strong Mars. The disease can be easily curable. Wife suffers with any disease. Wife fills lethargy and weakness. Wife cannot work properly in the home. Wife’s disease may create conflict in the home. The impact of Shani on seventh and eighth house may create disease. The cruel Shani makes wife ill.

Wife suffers with blood and bone problem. One face problem in waking up in the morning. One feels too much sleep in the afternoon. Lethargy remains on mind. There won’t be match of ideas between spouses. This happens due to Mars, Shani and Rahu. This increases conflict in the home. Women are more sensitive compared to men. They think too much and get ill.

Try to laugh the wife. Children future improves if mother remains happy. Keep honey in wooden utensil on Shukal Paksh Tuesday. Keep this utensil on terrace. Fill honey in new utensil on next Tuesday. Husband should do this remedy. Husband-wife should go banyan tree on Tuesday. Both have to pour half teaspoon of milk in the root of banyan tree. Keep milk little back in the root of banyan tree. Then take this wet mud at home and do tilak.

Husband should avoid using glass. Keep milk in glass and donate it to poor on Tuesday. Do this once in a month. Donate besan food to youngsters. Donate coconut near river bank on Shukal Paksh Saturday. Do not flow coconut in river. Do this remedy after 8 months of wife’s birth date. Husband-wife should worship lord Shiva. Chant “Om Rudray Namah” for 5 rosaries. Do abhishek of Shivaling. It is beneficial if wife do Rudrabhishek.

Donate seven type of grains in 1/3 amount of wife’s weight. Doing this remedy once in a year improves happiness in the home. Keep Gangajal and silver in two boxes. Keep one with you and keep one to your wife. Keeping box near head avoids diseases. This makes Mars and Rahu cool. This improves mental and physical condition of wife. Keep hard silver stuff near wife’s head. It is extremely beneficial to cover wife throat with strong silver stuff.

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