Astro Upay That Removes The Diseases- Do Read

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One face fire problem when Sun is weak. The weak Sun affects eyes. One can use bel to avoid weakness of Sun. If Sun impacts on fourth house then one face heart issues. If Sun finger moves toward front then one faces eyes problem.

Astro Upay That Removes The Diseases- Do Read

Removes The Diseases
The usual disturbance occurs when Moon is weak. One cannot get proper sleep at night. His mind remains frightened. One gets anger however, he becomes calm. In this case, one should use nutmeg. Rub the nutmeg-white sandalwood and apply it on eye lead. Cover your throat with nutmeg in red or white color thread. Take peeplamul powder with jaggery for 7-8 days. One sees many dreams when Moon is weak. In this case, eat light food at night.

Goat milk is extremely beneficial in high blood pressure. Banana is not suitable for high blood pressure patient. However, the juice of banana stem controls BP. Keep Rudraksha in water for overnight. Drink this water in the morning. This controls blood pressure. One can chew one gram kachur piece to avoid sore throat.

One can eat honey with sitopladi. One can eat khadiravati or longadivati or mirchadivati. Do not use chili if your throat is weak due to Shani. Drink lukewarm water. One can press below the 3 inch of Sun and Shani part. They can do gargle with tea and salt. Also, give rest to your throat. Struggle increases if Shani is weak. In this case, keep urad and mustard oil in pottery. Cover it with black cloth and take 7 circles above you and hide it at secluded place. Do this for 5 Saturdays.

Shani affect lungs. Shani catch lung during the seventh month of pregnancy. If mother make mistake then it affects lungs. Therefore, if mother’s Shani is weak then take care during the seventh month of pregnancy. Avoid yogurt, sour products and cold drinks.

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