This Symptoms Create Problems in Old age People's Life

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Those whose Jupiter or Mars is weak they face problems in old age. If Jupiter negatively impacts on fifth house then one faces problem in old age. One faces problems in old age if Rahu-Ketu and Shani has relation with twelfth house. If your age is 55 then it might affect you. One can get symptoms if Jupiter or Shani creates problem.

This Symptoms Create Problems in Old age People's Life

The first symptom is anger and irritability. In this case, start having orange and other fruits. Take deep breathe in the morning. Also, do Anulom-vilom. Take walk on grass and take medical advice. The second symptom is weak memory power. It is serious matter. 

In this case, you should take medical advice. The third symptom would be getting white or purple color spots on nail. It is not good sign. In this case, one should eat less food, don’t think too much and avoid fear. Stress increases when one faces problem in responsibilities.

The fourth symptom would be darkness on knot above the fingers. It is the symptom of blood pollute. Check your blood with doctor. Blood pollute occurs due to weak Mars, Jupiter and Shani. If you know its symptoms at early stage then you should do such remedy. 

The fifth symptom would be itching on skin. There might be hormones or sugar problem. Those Jupiter is weak, suffers with liver and acidity problem they should take care. If one gets itching on hands-legs or body then take medical advice.

The sixth symptom would be less sleep. In this case, wear silver ring in thumb. Drink water in silver glass. You can also keep silver coin in water bottle. The seventh symptom would be increase disturbance. The heart beat increases. In this case, clean your favored god with panchamrut. You can also use swastik or parad Shivaling. Mix honey in water and chant “Om Rudray Namah” and do abhishek. 

This improves your condition and activity also improves. The eighth symptom would be injury while walking. Sometime, your leg or hand shivering. In this case, daily have one guava and orange. Also, take medical advice. They can use almond oil with milk. Soak fiver almonds, twenty raisins and one walnut in water for overnight. First drink its water then eat it in morning.

The ninth symptom would be breathing problem at night. One also gets snoring at night. In this case, do yagna in morning. Use pure items in yagna. Also, use jatamashi and panchmeva in yagna. Use mango wood as it gives oxygen to you. Apply rosemary oil in hair. The tenth symptom would be rest in while. One cannot do too much work. 

They get fatigue. In this case, apply ghee in soul at night. Wear gold or brass ring in first finger on Thursday. The eleventh symptom would be gas or acidity in stomach. In this case, eat light food. Use fewer grains. Eat big rice and do not drink water while having meal. Wear silver bracelet or silver ring. You can also wear silver chain.

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