Saturn Changes Sign to Sagittarius - Check effect on Your Life

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Shani is going in Sagittarius sign on 26th October 2017. Shani will stay in this sign till 23rd January 2020. Shani was retrograde and he was in Scorpio sign. There would be Sade Sati for Capricorn sign and it end for Libra sign. The Sade Sati remains for Scorpio and Sagittarius sign.

Saturn Changes Sign to Sagittarius - Check effect on Your Life

saturn to Sagittarius
Aries: Shani would be medium. They will get success in employment and wealth. Take care of bones, stomach and urine problems. Daily chant Shani psalm.

Taurus: There would be medium effect of Shani. They will get happiness of property and vehicle. However, there would be conceptual difference in marital life. Take care of eyes and speech. Donate black stuff on Saturdays.

Gemini: Shani will create problems in start and gives benefit later on. There would be yoga of hard work and struggle. There would be change and achievements in middle of the year. Take care of your marital life.

Cancer: They will get mercy of Shani. They will get success in marriage, progeny and financial matters. There might be delay in marriage. There are chances of success in employment.

Leo: There might be tension. However, you will come out from it. Take care of injury and bone problems.

Virgo: Shani will mercy on them. They will get success in relations, employment, business and everywhere. Every problem will be resolved. New relations will happen. However, avoid litigation and conflicts.

Libra: Shan will mercy on them. Every pending work will finish. There will be benefits in child and career. Do not let big opportunities.

Scorpio: Lord Shani might take test of you. There might be problems in employment. Take care of your position, prestige and health. Avoid defamation.

Sagittarius: There won’t be shortage of wealth and fame. However, you have to work hard. You might change your place. Take care in love and marriage life.

Capricorn: There will big change in life. They will get good property, wealth and career. Take care of joint pain and speech.

Aquarius: Shani will give you wealth and solutions of your problems. They will get success in wealth and career. There might be sudden benefit of property and vehicle.

Pisces: They will get benefit in career. They will get big opportunities. Do not make over-confidence. Consider old people advice.

Every evening chant “Om Sum Shaneswaraye Namah” for 108 times. Light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on every Saturday evening. Wear iron ring in left hand’s middle finger on Saturday evening.

Good Luck
: Rub the neem wood like sandalwood and apply it on face. This removes stains, spots and pimples.

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