Check From Palmistry If Property Will Benefit or Not

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If there are thick lines, as shown on the above figure, on life line then property may be trapped. In this case, avoid investing too much money in property. Also, take care in property related papers. Do not give your property on rent. Do not make plane to start new work after selling property in such conditions. Do not sell your property if lines, above the life line, cut the luck line.

If there is net, at the corner of luck line then do not start any work after selling your property. This may create problem.

If there are such lines, line and it cuts, besides the life line and it cuts then your property may spoil. Your property may involve in litigation.

If life line cuts then one gets others property after problems. If you get the property then it will not give good results. In this case, do not take decision considering the property. If there are cut lines below the little finger then one gets property after many obstacles.

On the above cases, it is beneficial to chant “Om Angarakaye Namah”. This avoids property related problems. Chant goddess Bagalamukhi if your property stuck at anywhere. Donate besan sweet and pakode to below 8 year girls on Thursday.

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