Are you Victim of Constant laziness? - Astro Upay

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Constant laziness and avoiding work create problems. In this condition, one cannot like to work. They cannot complete their work. They have weak agility as their Moon or Jupiter is weak. If Venus affects main planet or first house then person has less agility. Moon and Venus creates throat infection. Your voice is not clearly audible. One always gets sleep. One gets hunger after having meal.

Are you Victim of Constant laziness? - Astro Upay

Constant laziness
The condition of Jupiter affects liver. Many time one want to sleep even after wake up in the morning. This laziness restrict from many important work. People avoid their work. There would be shortage of energy and power in the body. This seems on your face. The shine on the face and body decreases.

The laziness comes through Moon gets stress. A person cannot remain happy and avoids remaining happy. A person gets irritability. One gets conflict in home and cannot work in office. Moon, Jupiter and Venus creates jealousy. A person suffers with depression.

A person should take care of their lungs and liver. They should take care of their hormonal system. One should take medical advice. Liver, lungs and cholesterol affects Moon. It seems laziness in starting. However, it becomes disease.

It is beneficial to do hard work, remain happy and team work. The shortage of energy creates laziness. Start walking and increase it till 3 km. Start 200-300 steps in starting. Take walk at night if you cannot take walk in morning. Maintain energy while walking. It is beneficial to do Anulom-Vilom and Ujjai pranayama. This increases energy.

It is also beneficial to do Surya kriya. Surya kriya increase energy in the body and avoids laziness. One should take medical advice. Use less milk tea and sweets. Use less flour. Do not intake heavy food and eat light food at night. Try to eat dry fruits along with milk. Avoid drinking mango and other juice in laziness. Drink lukewarm water with lemon juice or drink lemon tea. You can also chew grass. This avoids laziness.

Drinking lukewarm water is beneficial to avoid laziness. Drink 3-4 times lukewarm water during 6 months. You can also mix basil juice in it. This increase energy and shine on the face. Many children cannot understand their subjects due to laziness. This problem creates obstacles in education. It is beneficial to drink basil juice. Drink one cup water mixing one teaspoon gaumutra.

Parents should check children breathe. Parents should check spots on children. Take medical advice for breath and skin problem. Avoid giving cold and sweet products to children. Give them little lemon. Let them run in the morning-evening. Keep away children from pollution.

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