Get Better Education Gift in Navratri - Astro Upay

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Children who want special in life they should take care of their food. Food is very important factor to strengthen the mind. Mind becomes weak if you eat more heavy and oily food. Food should be little, light and easy to digest. 

Get Better Education Gift in Navratri - Astro Upay

Better Education
Oxygen is also very important to sharpen the mind. Therefore, students should do pranayama. Mind becomes very sharp through suryabhedi and chandrabhedi pranayama.

Water is also important for mind. Mind has 70% of water. Therefore, drink plenty of water. Rudraksha is beneficial to avoid problems in study. Three faces, seven faces or fourteen faces Rudraksha improve luck. Chant “Om Aem Saraswatye Aem Namah”. You can also establish cardamom or clove at night in Navratri. Soak this elaichi or clove on examination day or before exam.

Nervousness is one type of human spirit. Educated people also get nervous. Chant special psalm on ashthmi. Keep one supari and elaichi. Chant “Aem Hrim Klim Saraswatye Namah”. Chant 11 garlands during a day. Keep this supari and elaichi along with you while going on education. Soak the elaichi. This increases concentration. The home pressure also makes children nervous.

Children who are weak in mathematics, science and commerce they should do one remedy. Chant “Om Saraswatye Namah” and established three copper coins. Wear these coins in any color thread in throat on ninth day of Navratri. You can also wear it as bracelet.

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