Astro Upay to Do Good in Property & Business

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Mars has rising. The time would be good to buy and sell for the property. One can increase the price of property by strengthening Mars. One gets property when Mars is in good position. One gets property when fourth house and Mars is in good position.

Astro Upay to Do Good in Property & Business

Property & Business
One faces property loss when Mars is affected. Mars was not good. Shani is also not in good position. Rahu also does not support property. There would be improvement in property once Mars rises. Time is very good to buy property. Financial boom comes through Ketu. The condition of Ketu will improve. The condition of property will also improve.

One faces property losses when Mars is impaired. However, if Mars is good then it gives property. Avoid property work when there is impact of Shani or Rahu on Mars. This creates conflicts in property. One might involve in litigation. Therefore, one should check Shani and Rahu’s condition before buying property. Do not buy property on your name when Mars is impaired.

Some people don’t have luck for property. If Shani, Mars or Rahu is weak in fourth house then one cannot get property. One cannot get happiness from siblings due to weak Mars. Siblings may die in unexpected time. They should avoid being property owner. People whose bones are weak or broken in childhood. People who change their home many times in childhood. They easily do not get happiness of property.

People whose terrace, floor and kitchen broken wall they easily cannot get happiness of property. They should avoid buying property on their name. If one gets betray in marriage or love before the age of 26 years then do not take property between the age of 40 and 44. It may become problem for you. The impact on Mars affects property. If the Mars’s second and eighth house is good then one gets others property. However, if Mars’s second and eighth house is weak then one loss his property.

Hide silver wire under the door frame on Tuesday morning. You can also do this on Monday. It is extremely beneficial to do through mother. Those who does property work they should donate red bricks. Donate as per your capacity. Keep milk in small glass bottle and hide it any secluded place. Keep sweet rotti on besan sweet and donate it to poor child. Do this remedy on Tuesday.

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