Planets Which Helps you to Get Name & Fame

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In astrology, Moon and Venus is planet for fame-prestige. When any of these are stronger, the person gets the name and success easily. When both are stronger, the person gets name and success worldwide. In palmistry, Sun is considered as planet for fame and prestige. 

Planets Which Helps you to Get Name & Fame

Name & Fame
If Sun Mountain or sun line is good in palm then one gets good fame and prestige. Shani, Rahu and weak Moon creates problem in fame-prestige. Weak Sun Mountains also creates problem in fame-prestige.

In horoscope, when Moon and Jupiter is very strong or Venus is in twelfth house or Shani is in fourth house or there is tribhuj on Sun Mountain. One gets fame and prestige if there are two sun lines in palm or he worship lord Sun or give respect to his father.

Offer water to Sun during sunrise and sunset. Wear one brass or gold ring in index finger. Do not sleep long time after sunrise. Light lamp in evening under the shade of the trees falls on the house.

Offer water, mixing red sandalwood, to the Sun every morning. Then chant “Om Hram Hrim Hrom Saha Suryaya Namah”. Daily have jaggery after doing brush in the morning. Wear copper ring in ring finger. Use more wooden furniture.

Good Luck: Wear Gomed by consulting an astrologer if you’re suffering with intestine problem.

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