Importance of Shami Plant (Related to Saturn)

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Every tree and plant has special property. There figure, color, fragrance, flower and fruit have different impact therefore, they relates with different planets. One gets special benefit if they plant and worship it. Shami relates with Shani. It is used to get rid of Shani related problem. It is also used to get mercy of Shani. 

Importance of Shami Plant (Related to Saturn)

It is believed that lord Ram worship this plant before attacking on lanka. Pandava has hide their weapons in this tree while going on agyatvash. Therefore, this plant is considered as symbol of wonderful power. Shami plant can survive. None of condition can harm it. It has small thrones therefore, it remains protected. Its hard property and calm nature relates with Shani dev.

It is extremely beneficial to plant Shami on Vijayadasami. However, you can also plant it on Saturday. Plant it in flowerpot or left side of main gate in the home. Do not plant it in the home. Pour water in the morning and try that it cannot become dry.

Light lamp under shami plant on Saturday. The lamp should be mustard oil. Daily worship it. This is beneficial to get rid of Shani related problem. The more leaves of shami gives more wealth, property and prosperity. Cover shami wood in black thread. This removes health or an accident due to Shani. One can do havan with shami wood with black sesame for peace of Shani.

Good Luck: Light lamp under peeple tree and outside the main gate on Saturday. This avoids poverty.

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