Health Benefits and Side Effects of Bottle Gourd

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Fat does not increase due to bottle gourd. It doesn’t contain fat. Bottle gourd is beneficial in constipation. However, avoid having dry bottle gourd if you’re suffering with constipation. One can use bottle gourd juice. The high amount of spices in bottle gourd is harmful. One should eat bottle gourd for health benefits not for test. Bottle gourd is extremely beneficial in gas and bile. Always, eat fresh bottle gourd.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Bottle Gourd

Bottle Gourd
Cut the fresh bottle gourd in pieces. Boil it in clean water. Again, boil this bottle gourd in fresh water. Mix ghee and salt in it while boiling it. Then, mix turmeric in it. Cooked it for while and eat with juice. Cut on rotti and mix it in bottle gourd. One can also use bottle gourd as juice. You can also mix black pepper and cumin in it. This gives power and test together.

Bottle gourd juice gives power and freshness to the body. Child should drink bottle gourd juice. Bottle gourd juice is extremely beneficial in stomach problem. One can prepare bottle gourd oil. Mix mint and 8 basil leaves in one glass bottle gourd juice. Keep it in cloth. Keep mint and basil leaves in cup. Now, squeeze the bottle gourd keeping in cloth. Mix salt and black pepper in this juice. This increases working capacity, memory power and controls anger.

If one use more memory in work then feed bottle gourd to cow on every Wednesday. Also, feed bottle gourd to cow on Wednesday if you’re suffering with speech problem. Feed bottle gourd to cow on Wednesday if your relations are not good with siblings.

Bottle gourd reduces problems in the way of getting money. If one cannot get money even after hard work then donate raw bottle gourd to the below 8 years girl. Do this remedy on Wednesday and Thursday. Avoid having bitter bottle gourd.

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