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If there is line, as sown in the figure, below the thumb then one faces problem in spinal cord. This part relates with neck. This part of thumb relates with tailbone. The below part of thumb is cervical point and it indicates cervical problems. If there is a problem in thumb then you should change your habit of sitting. One cannot sit and read. One gets dizziness and vomiting. It also creates waist pain. The lower part of thumb indicates slip disk and other problems.

One suffers with bone problem if Mars is weak. There would be lack of calcium. In this case, muscles will not stick to the bones. There would be lack of vitamin D if Sun is weak. One faces many bone problems due to lack of vitamin D. Even after drinking milk, calcium will not be made in the body. Vitamin D is very important to digest calcium.

If there is no angle in thumb and it is flat, as shown on the figure, this indicates weak Sun and lack of vitamin D. The upper part of thumb becomes small. There might be possibility of slip disk. In this case, do massage with olive oil. Maintain balance while taking weight. Also, maintain balance while bending. If thumb is small then one faces waist pain. They should check vitamin D and calcium. Take care of your food habits. It is beneficial to drink cow milk. One faces few problems while standing if thumb is small. In this case, one should check vitamin D and calcium. Eat linseed and kalonji if thumb is small compared to fingers. Eat little paneer before bed. This gives energy to the body and waist remains fine. One cannot suffer with slip disk problem if vitamin D is good.

If thumb is straight or hole, as shown on figure, then do massage with mustard oil at night. This sharpens the mind. Keep fenugreek seed on thumb before bed. This strengthens the mind and cure waist pain. Also, take medical advice and check vitamin D.

 If thumb is improper then you face problems in the middle of the waist. This problem occurs between the age of 36 and 42. If upper part of thumb is yellow then change your sitting habit. There might be cervical problem. Do not bend your head for long time if you’re suffering with cervical problem. Move your neck slowly. Keep desk of study table straight. Do not read too much bending. People working on computer should sit straight. Keep anything under your leg. One might face waist pain, neck pain and cervical problem if one cannot sit straight.

If there is bone come outside below the thumb then one face disk problem between the age of 40 and 48. One faces problems in walking. In this case, apply fenugreek in both hands and drink fenugreek water. Control your weight in limited time otherwise, one face many problems. If thumb is big then one faces stretch or pain in waist. Dancer and sportsman should take special care. Heat castor leaves on gas, mix it in mustard oil and apply it on waist.

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