Effects of Diamond & Sapphire on Human Life - Astro Upay

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There are nine planets in our solar system. It has different types of energy. Our body also has nine planets, which are connected to planets in the sky. When the connection between solar system planets and body’s planets break then one gets problem of body and mind. We can improve this vibration and get rid of problems by wearing gemstone. Every person cannot wear every gemstone. Therefore, one should take advice before wearing gemstone. In astrology, diamond and sapphire are very powerful and dangerous.

Effects of Diamond & Sapphire on Human Life - Astro Upay

Diamond Sapphire
Diamond: It is very valuable and hard. Human wear it for beauty and price. In astrology, it is the gemstone of Venus. One gets happiness, beauty and prosperity by wearing it. It directly impacts on marital life and blood. This gemstone is very accurate to get benefit from Venus and to increase glamour in life.

Caution: Do not wear diamond for fashion and show off. Do not wear diamond if you are suffering with diabetes or blood disorders. One should wear diamond after the age of 21 and before the age of 50. Problems in marital life may increase by wearing diamond. The more white diamond is better. Spot or broken diamond may give defamation. Do not wear coral or Gomed with diamond as this might affect character.

Sapphire: It is the main gemstone of Shani. It mainly controls air element. Its color is blue therefore it is known as nilam. It is also known as Shanipriya, which is sapphire. It is gemstone of Kurundam group and found with ruby. It can be wear to get benefit and balance Shani. One should take care while wearing it. It is dangerous to wear without consulting an astrologer. This might create many problems in life.

Caution: Do not wear sapphire without understanding elements of horoscope and Shani. Check sapphire and yourself before wearing it. Try to wear it in iron or silver ring. It is not favorable to wear in gold. Wear sapphire on Saturday midnight. Wear it in left hand’s middle finger and also wear water element gemstone. It is beneficial and auspicious to wear square sapphire. Dedicate it to lord Shiva and Shani dev before wearing it.

Good Luck: Do not wear gemstone of ill or dead person. It may create problems for you.

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