Do You have Problems at Job? - Find out with Palmistry

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If there are dark and thick cuts, as shown on the above figure, then you will face problem in your employment. In this case, you should do some remedies to protect your job. Do your work carefully and practically. Do not put trust on anyone. These signs are symbol of conspiracy. There might be molestation with your documents and project. You should be practical. 

Do you work regularly. Keep track of every paper. Report directly to whom you have to report. Keep alert in your work and avoid laziness. When such cuts come in palm then there may be things against you that threaten your job. Do not be careless and work hard. Keep yourself low profile. High profile, avoid criticism or avoid too much work. Ideal ambience at work place is imagination. Those who are not proficient they do lobbying.

As shown on the above figure, if there is dark spot between mind line and luck line then you might have to leave the job. You might get transfer where you want to go. You might indulge in some conspiracy. In this case, you should be alert and do some remedy.

If luck line becomes think or remove, as shown on the above figure, then you might face problem in employment. In this case, you should be alert. You might face losses in employment. It is not easy to do job. There will be problems in employment due to Rahu, Shani and Mars. The employment problem will increase. When resources are less problems increases.

If luck line break and goes ahead from side, as shown on the above figure, then one changes job in compulsion. Sometime, they make agreement leaving their self-respect. The problem will not solve due to immediate solution. In this case, start finding another job.

If there are many lines near the Sun line, as shown on the above figure, then take care of your employment. Take care of your financial matters. Take care while talking with colleagues. If you are getting these lines and you’re boss then you should remain very careful. Your team might create problem for you. Your prestige may affect and you may leave the job.

Take bath at night and wear yellow color clothes. Sit on yellow assan. Light jasmine oil facing east side and worship goddess Bagalamukhi. You should remain alert. Do not take too much on your shoulder. Take care of precious things. Keep white and red flower at sitting place in your office. See these flowers in few minutes. Donate sesame or sesame products on every Tuesday and Saturday. Also, donate shoes or an umbrella once in a month.

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