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There would be shortage of happiness in life if Venus is weak. One cannot get happiness even if he has all facility. Their wealth ruin unnecessarily. Human gets problem in love and emotions. Their attraction decreases.

Human becomes enamored when Venus is impaired. His enjoyment part becomes strong. There is high possibility of their weak character. They get problems in marital life. In old age, they face many problems.

Weak: It is beneficial to wear opal for men. Women can wear diamond or Jerkan. It is also beneficial to wear white crystal necklace. Every Friday offer white flower to lord Shiva. It is beneficial to use pink-white clothes and light fragrance.

Impaired: Do not wear Venus related gemstone if Venus is impaired. Daily chant “Om Dram Drim Drom Saha Sukraya Namah” in morning. Chant this psalm for 108 times. Donate white sweets on Friday. Use more yellow color.

Good Luck: Those who get bad thoughts they should chant Gayatri psalm in morning-evening. Chant this psalm for 108 times. Also, avoid vengeful food.

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