Child's Future Prediction from Parents Palmistry

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Do you want to know future prediction of your children's? here is a way, you can predict children's future from parents palmistry, do check out. 

Child's Future Prediction from Parents Palmistry

Father's Palmistry:

If there is a net, as shown on the side figure, then men get delay in getting child happiness. A child might become weak. A child suffers with problems whole life. If there is Trishul then there would be delay in getting child. A child has mental and physical weakness. If there are cut lines and net then child suffer with bile, gas or ill health. We Indian do not have habit of leaving alone. Family is our and nations’ backbone. One should try to improve family.

If the lines are going downward, as shown on the side figure, or there are cuts on it then you may have to stay away from children. You may face mental and physical distance from children. Stress increases due to mental disturbance. One faces problems in health and career. If there are too many cuts on life line then there would be dispute with children. They don’t have good health.

On the above cases, men should not make shortage of chemicals in the body. Do not let the gas in the stomach in any condition. This might create problem in getting child. Eat celery or drink lukewarm water before bed. Men can also take triphala with milk before bed. Men should give gift, food or green clothe to goat, small girl or widow on shukal paksha’s Wednesday. Bow any trans (kinnar) and take gift from them and keep it with you.

Mother's Palmistry:

If there are straight lines, as shown on the above figure, on marriage line then they get delay in getting child or they get less time with child or face dispute with children. They cannot get happiness together. Sometime, child won’t like them or the dispute increases with child. If there are such lines, as shown on the above figure and fingers move forward, then child remains ill. One should do some remedies so that child health improves.

On the above cases, women should avoid junk food. Always, eat light food. Eat such food, which gives energy to the body. Always, focus on health rather than test. Women, who are planning for getting child, they should eat linseed. Avoid cold otherwise, child may suffer with lungs or cold related problems. Always drink lukewarm water to enhance your immunity. 

You can also keep boil water in a bottle with you. Wear gold or brass ring in first finger on Sunday or Thursday. Donate besan sweets on Tuesday or Wednesday whole life. Feed masoor daal water to your child four times in a month. Donate goat to any poor once in a year. Also, donate grass for whole year. One should donate goat and grass to get good benefits.

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