Saturn Connection with Saturday of Savan Month

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The month of savan is water element month. There would be shortage of air element in this month. Therefore, human faces mind, digestive and muscles pain. We can strengthen air element and its owner Shani. 

Saturn Connection with Saturday of Savan Month

Saturn Connection
This helps to get rid of health and mind related problems. One should chant such psalm and take some cautions. It is extremely beneficial to worship lord Shani in savan month.

There is a shortage of every type of energy in savan month. Therefore, human faces health and wealth issues. Human gets wealth through worshiping on every Saturday of savan month. Every Saturday of savan month is called Sampat Shanivar. If one worship lord Shani in savan month then there is no need of Shani worship during a year. During this savan month, lord Shani is in his high sign. Therefore, the worship of Shani is extremely beneficial.

Light big mustard oil lamp under peeple tree on Saturday evening. First, chant lord Shiva’s psalm then chant lord Shani’s psalm. Then, feed any poor people or give money to him for food. Worship lord Shiva and Shani for mercy.

Employment: Keep fast on Saturday. Chant Shani’s psalm in evening. Take three circles of peeple tree and cover black color thread. Then, light mustard oil lamp under peeple tree. Worship lord Shani to get rid of problems in employment.

Wealth: Do havan with neem wood and black sesame on Saturday evening. Give total 108 ahuti while chanting “Om Sham Shaneswaraye Swaha”. Donate black stuff after doing havan. Human gets benefit of wealth and property.

Pending Work: Take one steel bowl on Saturday evening. Keep mustard oil in it. Then, keep your middle finger and chant Shani psalm “Om Pram Prim Prom Saha Shaneswaraye Namah”. Donate oil with bowl after chanting psalm.

Good Luck: If one worships Shani in the month of savan then there is no need of Shani worship in other month.

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