Predict Your Future From Your Teeth - Astro Upay

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Those whose all teeth are big they have to struggle. People having big teeth get success but they face many problems. Light lamp on Tuesday and Saturday morning if teeth are long. Lamp burns till evening. Many people have long teeth and space between them. 

Predict Your Future From Your Teeth - Astro Upay

They struggle in relations and wealth. In this case, serve leprosy people. Human cheated from friends if upper and below teeth are long and sharp. They should pour milk in banyan tree on Tuesday for entire life. Take bath with yogurt on every Friday. Do not intake salt on Friday and Sunday. Eat faded or sweet food. Donate salty food.

People having small teeth get happiness in early age of life. However, they face problems later. They should take care of their health. Take care of food and daily routine. Chant Mahamrutanjay psalm on every Monday. When the health is bad donate grains equal to your weight.

They yellow teeth indicates weak health. Take medical advice from dentist and stomach doctors. There might be stomach and liver problems. It indicates your Jupiter is not good. When Jupiter affects then one faces liver and hair problem. This also decrease work capacity and reading capacity. If there is gap between teeth then one cannot save money. Chant “Om Shri Namah” on Friday night.

People having black teeth should check up their blood. In this case, one should do remedy to improve Shani. Chant “Om Shaneswaraye Namah” facing west side every day. Sit on black assan while chanting psalm. Donate umbrella, urad or mustard oil on new moon day. It is not necessary that it becomes true who has 32 teeth. Those whose Jupiter, Ketu and Moon are strong they have 32 teeth. They have sharp thinking ability. They give knowledge. They have good patience and take good responsibility.

An uneven tooth weakens the Venus. People have too many friends till the age of 22-30 year. In this case, donate yogurt on Friday. Donate sour-sweet toffee to small girls. Apply clove oil before bed if you get toothache. Feed dogs on Saturday.

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