Predict your Future From Birth Time - Astro Upay

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Before Sunrise: People born before sunrise (before one hour) are talented. However, their personality is weak. They cannot represent their thoughts. They speak only when they get anger. They make mistake in anger. Keep in mind that your self-confidence decreases. They cannot take right decision. They get less happiness from either father or mother. They don’t have many friends. They should decide their aim. Their mind diverts frequently. Therefore, they should stay on their decision. They are not very social. They are not good businessman. They are not good leader or plan maker. They should do education or counseling work. They should spend time with elders and hard working people. Avoid emotionality.

6 AM – 11 AM: People born between 6 AM to 11 AM have powerful mind. They do tantrums in studying. They make good progress after the age of 30. They do struggle at early age of life. They make their own way and get less support. Drink plenty of water. Also, eat saunf, gola and mishri. Make your decision open. It would be good.

11 AM – 3 PM
: Do not get anger. Never do work in chaalbaji. Keep in mind that you have to struggle till the age of 32. It might be possible that you won’t get support from father. They get good success in society and politics. They lead the team. Their bhagyoday occurs from 32-38. People will take advice from you. They have many friends.

3 PM – till Sunset: People born between 3 PM and sunset they should take care of their stomach and back. Their leg is weak. They suffer with gas and bile. However, they get social prestige. They easily get friends. They get less happiness from mother. They get support from elders. Their enthusiasm maintains. They should avoid criticize others. They get success after the age of 27.

Sunset – 9 PM: They are brilliant. They are creative. They are very good in art, writing and speaking. They are also good advisor. Their will power is weak. They should talk with mother. They can eat food with mother.

9 PM – 12 AM: People born between 9 PM and 12 AM, they are spiritual. They become good doctor. They believe in doing new things. They should take congruence of parents. Do not sleep without remembering god.

12 AM – 4 AM: People born between 12 AM and 4 AM, they should wear topaz. They should maintain good relations with parents. They should strengthen the self-confidence. They do not have good capability of taking decision. They are not socializing. They face losses due to hurry. They don’t get support of their mind on time. They should wear strong silver pill with mother’s hand. Wear it on Monday. They are not suitable in army, police, advocacy and politics. They are good in study. They are good in consultancy. They are good in assistance. However, they should avoid cold.

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