Astro Upay If You Don't Get Success After Hard Work

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hard work
Many times one cannot get success after doing hard work. Many people cannot get success after many efforts. Many students are in dilemma that they do job or business.

If you don’t get success after many efforts then visit temple without wearing shoes/chappal every day. Break grass at any time in a day and flow it in running water. Do this remedy every day.

Donate green lentil to poor widow, who lives near the river bank, on Wednesday once in a month. Help poor children’s in their study. Donate books.

Donate religious or their needy books to children. Jupiter and Venus give benefit by donating books. Also, Shani and Mars become calm if they are angry.

Prepare plenty of copper coins or buy them. Flow one coin in flowing water on Wednesday. Remember your god while flowing this coin. One should do this remedy for long time.

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