Save Kids from Rahu's Negative Effect - Astro Upay

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Rahu may create trouble for children. It creates obstacle in progress. Rahu create obstacles in important work.

Save Kids from Rahu's Negative Effect - Astro Upay

The bad effect of Rahu is not auspicious in career. They cannot work hard even after giving efforts. Children get wrong habits. They get habit of lie. They involve in wrong friendship. Children become angry. Children lie while studying.

Sometime, hunger increase or decrease. Advice children to do remedy. The effect of Rahu decreases after 2-4 months. Rahu gives auspicious results. Children make progress. It also improves health.

Make the kids sit in kitchen and eat. Keep one aashan and put one choki. Keep food in mixed metal utensil and feed it. Children feel happiness. Also, the effect of Rahu decreases.

Prepare hard silver pellet. Wear this silver pellet in forearm, stomach or throat. You can also keep this silver pellet in one box and keep it with you. Cover this pellet in child’s throat. There would be change in child’s behavior.

You can wear silver pellet in white thread or silver chain. Keep one teaspoon of barley in child’s fist on Saturday. Take raw milk in other hand. Clean barley with milk and flow it in water. After that, wash child’s hand. You will see the change in 2-3 months.

Cover child’s throat with white sandalwood in blue color thread on Thursday. Keep surma box in child’ pocket. Keep surma in walnut and hide it in flowerpot on every Saturday.

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