Is your Mind Thinking Negative Thoughts? - Astro Upay

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Human gets positive and negative thoughts in mind. These thoughts come through planets. Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Venus give positive thoughts. Those whose Shani is positive they also get positive thoughts. One gets good thoughts due to positive thinking.

Is your Mind Thinking Negative Thoughts? - Astro Upay

Negative Thoughts
However, if Shani is negative then one gets negative thoughts. Rahu-Ketu gives negative thoughts. We think opposite for others due to negative thinking. One gets laugh due to negative thinking. Negative thinking gives mental disorders.

Negative thinking gives financial and social problems. God says human should keep their mind simple. One should do his work and do not create disturbance for others.

If the Moon Mountains is upward and it has such mole on it, as shown on the above figure, then one gets mental disorders. In this case, one should less thinking. Also, do mediation in proper way. Control your thoughts.

Contemplation is positive and anxiety is negative. If one gets such sign, as shown on the above figure, then it is not good sign. They should try to keep their mind calm. They should eat 5 almonds, 1 walnut and drink plenty of water.

One should always think positive and give rest to mind for while. Stay in touch with good people and talk well. Always try to remain happy and do meditation.

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