How Your Face Define your Future? - Face Reading Tips

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Deep lines on forehead denotes struggle in life. More than three lines on forehead denotes struggle in life. One cannot get stability in life. 

Face Reading Tips
Take care of parents if there are many lines over the eyebrows. A person would be lucky if both the lines between eyebrows are equal.

It is the good sign of having image of leaf between the eyebrows. It indicates that he has good source of income. If there are line on both sides of forehead then one has to struggle till the age of 36.

Getting sudden spots under eyes is not good sign. It indicates that one might face wealth, relations and prestige issues. If you have mole around the nose then one should do such remedy for Mars. You have to do it for whole life.

If you have mole near the dimple place then use less sugar. If you have mole around the chicks then take care of your cholesterol. Always eat light food and do exercise. 

They get success between the age of 28-36 but they cannot maintain it. They have to do such remedy for Mars and Sun to get stability and success.

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