How to Get more Benefit from your Journey? - Astro Upay

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Journey is affected by Moon and Shani. Human face problems if Moon and Shani is not good. One cannot get benefit if Moon and Shani is not good. They cannot even go to foreign. One faces problems during their journey due to weak Moon and Shani.

How to Get more Benefit from your Journey? - Astro Upay

One face loss due to weak Moon and Shani. One faces vomiting, weak health, disturb mind and cannot get success during foreign journey due to weak Moon and Shani. They also face problem visiting religious places. They cannot meet relatives when they go to their home.

Human cannot go on journey or cannot get success in journey. Human try for foreign journey but they cannot get chance. Sometimes, they get chance but they cannot get option.

Human should meet Moon nadi to brahmand’s moon nadi while starting journey. Drink little water and remember your favored god while passing your home gate. Use your left nostril and keep your left leg first.

Take one root of kaner tree, one silver coin, rice and one piece of camphor. Put these all together in one box and keep it with you. Whenever you go on journey, remember your god and see this stuff and keep in your beg. After that start your journey. You will get success in your journey.

Take lukewarm water with salt. Keep your legs in it for few minutes before starting your journey. People who go on sudden journey they can remember their favored god for 10 seconds and keep left leg first outside. Donate juicy fruits.

Use birth constellation on journey date. One can find constellation in birth chart. One should do remedy for that constellation. One can write birth name for 5 times and keep it in front of god.

When you start your journey, remember your god before crossing your home. Also, clean your nose.

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