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Hyper kids do not listen to anyone. Hyper kids do not interact with others. Hyper kids do not let anyone play, speak or talk. Hyper kids cannot sit together for a while. Their hands-legs move and they run. They break anything. They do not regret about it.

How to Control Hyper Kids - Astro Upay

Control Hyper Kids
Hyper kids shout and quarrel with parents. Hyper kids cannot sit quite. Mischievous kids do mischief however, they understand everything. They become quite if one give advise them. One doesn’t spend too much time on mischievous child. He does work with understanding. They can interact with others.

It is good if kid follow parents’ advice. However, if kid doesn’t follow parents’ advice then he is hyper. Sometime, parents cannot understand hyper kids. If kid follows parent advice then it is the symptom of weak mind.

One should avoid restrictions from kids. Let the kids smile. Parents remain disturb due to hyper kids. Do not give garishth food to hyper kids. Take deep breath through nose. The reaction of hyper kids becomes normal.

Give water in silver glass to hyper children. Do not give garishth food, pickle and spices to hyper children. However, give them juicy fruits. Water in silver glass keep children mind calm. Blood become pure through water in silver glass. Cover child’s throat with strong silver pill. It is extremely beneficial to eat khirni. Anantmul and Ashwagandha medicine is beneficial. Hyper kid can drink this. It is beneficial for them.

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