Different Metals Will Fortune Your Future - Astro Upay

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Copper strengthens the Sun. Yogi of Shakti should use copper yantra. Copper increases concentration and one can focus on work. However, if Sun and Mars is angry then copper creates problems. It increases anger. One cannot get success in good work. The relations become weak. One gets conflict at work place. One gets gas problem in stomach.

Different Metals Will Fortune Your Future - Astro Upay

Iron reduces the misfortune. Iron gives amazing benefits in sade sati. Burn the mustard oil and urad in iron utensil. Spouse can donate iron utensil for 21 Saturdays. It improves happiness in their marital life. If child remains ill constantly then cover his throat with iron pellet. Iron bracelet strengthens the weak mind. Wearing iron on body removes pain. It avoids theft. There would be growth in business. Iron increases technical knowledge. Iron strengthens the relations with colleagues and workers. However, anger might increase after wearing iron. Doubt and misconception increases. It might affect the running business.

Do not wear sarpakruti ornaments. Square ornaments increases material happiness. Triangle ornaments increases parasitical happiness. Triangle ornaments increases body and brain power. Pellet or pearl shape ornaments strengthens the body. Bangles strengthen the uterus. However, do not wear lakh or colorful ornaments. Payal strengthens the liver. Silver bichia provides strengthens stomach, kidney and uterus. Kundal increases mental peace.

Rings strengthen the veins and increases mental peace. Bajuband removes head diseases. It balances the appetite. Never wear shisha ornaments in throat. Parents can cover their children’s ear with gold or silver. One can wear copper in ears if they don’t get happiness from parents. Wear katela in silver if problems occur due to change. Wear hematite in copper to avoid alcohol. To avoid conflicts wear firoza in ear and throat. Mangali women should wear square copper piece in mangalsutra.

Gold, silver, copper, raga, jasta, shisha, iron and mercury come in asthdahtu. It is beneficial to change the luck. It is very beneficial in many diseases. It increases attraction. It increases mental power. It balances the nine planets and becomes beneficial.

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