Bad Habits of Children - How to Handel it?

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There are emotional reasons for bad habits in children. Bad habits cannot crush forcefully. One should understand the root of bad habits. People who are emotionally weak they face bad habits. People whose concentration is weak they get bad habits.

Bad Habits of Children - How to Handel it?

Bad Habits of Children
People who are disturbed they have habit of chewing nail. One should understand the reason behind the bad habits. Also, fulfill child’s emotional desire. Spend good time with children. 

Try to increase children’s confidence. Take interest in children’s study. Do not watch TV while having meal. Mental conditions are responsible for bad habits.

Children have habit of scratching fingers. Many people have habit of scratching fingers. In this case, avoid tension. Do not compare yourself with others. Scratching decreases the luck. 

Scratching is the symptom of disease and unsuccessful. Regularly do Anulom-vilom for 15 minutes. Always, thank god for everything.

Many people touch their hair repeatedly. It is the symptom of weak Mars. They face hair problem. They easily get anger. They take decision in hurry and face problems. They don’t get stability in work.

In this case, do meditation of Hanuman on every Tuesday. Donate besan sweets on every Tuesday. Avoid relationship. Do work on your own. Avoid having cold food.

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