Astrology Importance of Banana - Astro upay

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Banana brings happiness in home. One banana leaf brings happiness and peace in the home. Banana tree can make marriage. Banana improves marital life. Banana is very beneficial for health.

Astrology Importance of Banana - Astro upay

If Jupiter is weak or has mangal dosh or Ketu is impaired they face problems in getting married. In this case, banana tree is very beneficial. If one faces obstacles in marriage then plant banana tree for 11 Thursday. 

Do not plant banana tree in home. Girls whose engagement break they should choose any date of marriage. After that, take 7 circles of banana tree. Do not make love relationship.

Make proper use of banana leaf or its root to improve Jupiter. One faces problem in education due to weak Jupiter. Tie banana root in yellow cloth before sunrise on Thursday. Cover in throat with yellow color thread. This improves Jupiter. Children can concentrate in their education.

Worship Vishnu-Lakshmi on every Thursday to strengthen Jupiter. Offer banana to Vishnu-Lakshmi. Donate it to people. However, do not eat yourself. One should eat banana on right time. One should eat banana in breakfast. One can eat banana with one glass of milk in the morning. 

Sportsman and pregnant women should eat banana. Women should eat banana with milk in menstrual. However, obese people should avoid having banana. Rub banana leaf to reduce inflammation on the body. Chhittidar banana is very good for health.

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