Astro Upay To Become Genius

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The secret of genius is hidden in nails and eyes. There is a difference between getting good number in exam and promotion on job. Genius relates with mental power. One is genius if he creatively thinks from other.

Astro Upay To Become Genius

It is necessary to have creative ability for genius. Confidence and balance mind is the sign of genius. Concentration is the sign of genius. Genius person creates or makes history.

Breath denotes the power of mind. Those who feel breathing from four fingers of nose they are genius. Those who feel breathing from eight fingers they are genius.

Stability of eyes and vision is the sign of genius. Those whose eyes are not stable their mind is weak. One can close eyes and feel the breath. It makes a person genius.

If there is sign of Moon below the nails then one has good mind. The larger the Moon the person will be more genius. If the genius gets stress then Moon become light. When Moon become light then keep mind concentrated.

Daily have five almonds, one walnut and ten raisins. There is no shortage of remedies if the aim is clear. Take deep breathe. Live long breathe and feel it.

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