Are you looking for Government Job? Try This Astro Upay

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Many people want government job. However, they cannot get success getting government job. Install water tank to your place of birth. Chant “Om Kham” during sun rise for 5 garlands.

Are you looking for Government Job? Try This Astro Upay

Government Job
One can keep fast on Sunday. Eat only once a day during day. Eat only makhane prepared from sugarcane juice or sawak rice kheer. Donate 5 almonds on Sunday.

One can do Gayatri yagna in morning. Sit facing west side during sunset. Chant “Dhruni Suryaya Namah”. One should keep fast on Sunday. Eat only jaggery or donate products prepared from jaggery. Also, feed pure jaggery to cow in morning. Donate coconut, almond and oil in temple on every Sunday.

One cannot get government job if Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mars or Rahu is weak. In this case, offer coconut to lord Shiva on Monday. Also, do Rudrabhishek.

One should help blind children on Sunday. Helping blind children strengthen the Sun. Write “Om Hrim” on square piece of copper. This piece of copper was worn by wearing yellow thread or silver or gold chain on Sunday. Also, chant “Om Hrim” during sunrise regularly. This small piece of copper is extremely beneficial in getting government job.

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