Prediction For Radix 2 Number - Astro Upay

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Number 2 is for Moon. There is sign of expansion in this number. This number means softness, art and beauty. This number is wonderful for journey, love, progeny and relations.

Prediction For Radix 2 Number - Astro Upay

People whose birth date is 02, 11, 20 or 29. The radix would be 2 of birth date, month or year. If Moon is strong in horoscope or people who born in the month of monsoon.

Imagination is strong with this number. They have nutrition, care and mercy power. They are very artistic. They get good success in art, medicine or education field. There role is very important to maintain relations.

They are very emotional. Sometimes, they face losses due to imagination. They face cold-cough and throat infection. They face losses to maintain others. Sometime, they do show off therefore, they face many problems.

On the above cases, always take care in relationship. Do not worry if you’re getting delay in things. Do not become careless in food habits. Use shiny and beautiful colors especially yellow color. Wear opal or pearl. Also, worship lord Shiva.

Good Luck: If Moon is weak in horoscope then take one urn water from home. Offer it on Shivaling and do prayer.

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