Predict your Future by Your Body Structure - Astro Upay

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Toe denotes impact and his spiritual interest. If toe is long and big then person would be soft and religious. If finger beside the toe is long then person would be effective. 

Predict your Future by Your Body Structure - Astro Upay

samudrik sastra
If toe is very short then person always think about wealth. They create problems for him as well as others.

If the fingers are long and thin then person would be artistic. He is soft and doesn’t like controversy. If the fingers are thick and hard then person has to work hard. Their speech is harsh. If fingers are tedi-medi then person gets good wealth. However, he faces many problems for health. If fingers have knot then person is very selfish. He always thinks about money.

Long ears denote good age. Small ears denote short age. It also indicates an accident. If there is hair on ear then person rich from bottom to top and lives long life. If ear law is long then person would be impressive. He understands the relations and maintains them.

If hand nails are long and beautiful then person would be lucky. If nails are tede-mede then person has to do struggle. If there is half moon on nails then person protect himself from diseases. If it is not on nails then person remains ill for long time. If there is white spot on nails then it indicates such diseases.

If there is mole on any mountain then it weakens the related planet. If there is mole on feet or leg then person does lot of traveling. If there is mole on chick then person like to get ready. He has soft nature. If there is mole on stomach then person is fond of food. However, he becomes obese.

If eyebrow is thick then person has soft nature. If both eyebrows meet together then person is very angry. He doesn’t have control over speech. If eyebrow has cuts then person faces mental problems. If eyebrow are going down then person goes toward vairagya. Sometimes, they live the home.

Good Luck: Do not keep such plant which doesn’t have fruits. You might face problem in progeny.

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