Importance of Idol Worship (Hindu Religion) - Astro Upay

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In Hindu religion, worship is prevalent. It is also included sakar and nirakar worship. Sakar worship includes idol worship. Sakar worship cannot be done without idol.

Importance of Idol Worship (Hindu Religion) - Astro Upay

Idol Worship
There was no proof of idol worship in vaidik kaal. However, Indra was mentioned in Mahabharata. The idol of pasupati was found during Hadpaa. After that, it becomes popular due to facility and support.

A person’s mind is playful and negative. One base is required to increase the concentration of mind. Idol is used to concentrate and to know himself. Things become easy and emotional due to idol worship.

Use small idol in home. It is beneficial to keep six inch idol in the home. It is also beneficial to keep god-goddess idol in blessing form. The idol should be proper and beautiful. Do not use such idol, which has form of war or sleep.

It is beneficial to use clay idol. Dissolute idol in water when it becomes old. You can dissolute idol in river or hide them in mud. Do not believe idol worship as final worship.

Good Luck: It is beneficial to worship at one place and one favored god. It gives success in absoluteness and concentration.

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